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Don Juan and Miguel Renaissance Festival, Sword Fighting Comedy Projects

The Dungeon Museums

Don Juan and Miguel have created and currently run two dungeon museums at two different festivals. Our first dungeon opened in 1996 at the Carolina Renaissance Festival and was an instant hit. In the summer of 2003 we built our second Dungeon Museum at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire.

The dungeons are 1800 square feet each, and their intent is to educate those that pass through as to what a real dungeon would actually feel like if one could walk along the internal passages unprovoked. Whereas other dungeons "go for the gore" Don Juan and Miguel feel that the simple stark reality of the fact that these edifices even had a place in existence is enough reason to recreate them.

And recreate them they do! They use blacksmiths, stone masons, anyone that can create as close to the original building or torture effect that they need. Don Juan actually constructs many of the buildings himself, and Miguel has used his stone masonry skills inside on many of the exhibits.

Don Juan and Miguel's Renaissance Festival Dungeon Museums

Don Juan and Miguel's Renaissance Festival Dungeon Museums

  Inside the Dungeon Museums

Renaissance Faire Dungeon
Renaissance Festival Dungeon
Renaissance Faire Dungeon

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