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Don Juan and Miguel, Sword Fighting Comedy Renaissance Festival News


3.10 :: NEWS NEWS NEWS!!!!!

It's been a while since we've really updated this site so here comes some new and good NEWS! You will now be seeing more timely updates to this site! Come back often for updates regarding your favorite "Spaniards" and their friends.


After years of post-production we are in the very final stages of bringing our latest, and most exciting film project ever to you!

Blind Dog Entertainment® brings together the Renaissance Festival circuit's favorite entertainers and presents you with their latest romp in the world of Don Juan and Miguel®: "I Sense Danger". Esmeralda comes of age in this action-adventure tale which pits our heros; Don Juan and Miguel, against their most powerful foe yet: "Bernard the Bad Guy"!! Featuring the talents of Don Juan and Miguel®, Esmeralda, The London Broil, Hey Nunnie! Nunnie!®, Emrys Fleet the Rat Catcher, Looney Lucy, Sterling's Bless the Mark Players and many more
"I Sense Danger" is chock-full of swordplay, song and silliness.

The Story: The peaceful village of Warwicke is about to be shaken-up as magical powers blossom around them. Don Juan's daughter, the beautiful princess Esmeralda, is coming into her own special powers. Her good friends, Mother Redempta and Sister Philomena, help guide her with her new talents and with her duties of protecting the lovely Queen Elizabeth. Don Juan, and his faithful manservant Miguel, combat horrible hordes and Barbarous Pirates. Meanwhile Bernard the Bad Guy, with his minions Louie, Duncan and Matt, destroy the village and conquer the castle. Can Bernard be stopped? Will the village recover? Can the Queen be saved?

Some Facts: Filmed at the beautiful Sterling Renaissance Festival in Upstate New York "I Sense Danger" contains these new, original songs: "The Chastity Bell!", "The Barbarous Pirates of High Barbary", "Bernard's Lament", and "I Sense Danger"! After almost four years in the making, presented in three parts, and glowing with special effects "Danger" is our most challenging, exciting, and delightful project ever! You will love it!

Check out our merchandising page and click on "I Sense Danger" to pre-order and be one of the first to have your very own copy!!


3.06 :: The Lost Princess Wins Best Picture Award

THE LOST PRINCESS has won the Best Picture award at the 2006 Danville International Children's Film Festival. The festival runs from May 19 through May 21 in Danville, California.

The award ceremony is on May 21 at 5:30 P.M. at the Village Theater in Danville! For further information go to

3.06 :: The Lost Princess Nominated for Remi Award

THE LOST PRINCESS has been nominated to receive one of the top four Remi awards for feature family films at the 39th annual Worldfest-Houston. The levels are Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze and we are assured to win one of these awards at the Gala awards dinner at the Renaissance Houston Hotel-Greenway Plaza on Saturday, April 29th!

Worldfest is one of the three oldest film festivals in the United States!

3.06 :: The Lost Princess At The People's Choice Film Festival

THE LOST PRINCESS will be screened at the People's Choice Film Festival in Hobart Indiana on March 11, 2006. The screening will be at the Center Stage Studio Theatre at 227 Center Street in Hobart.

For further information (including times, directions, etc) please contact Mike Reinhart at (219) 947-4922 or e-mail him at

3.06 :: Colorado Here we Come

In honor of the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Colorado Renaissance Festival we will be returning and performing for one special weekend, opening Weekend. Join us in Larkspur, Colorado on June 10 & 11 to help celebrate! It's been a long time since we visited this festival and we're looking forward to it.

Don Juan and Miguel — One Weekend Only!
Colorado Renaissance Festival
Larkspur, Colorado
June 10 – 11, 2006
10:00 AM – 6:30 PM

For more information about the festival, please visit the Colorado Renaissance Festival website.

3.06 :: Sarah

We are pleased to announce the release of harpist Sarah Marie Mullens second CD The Wild Wood, which is now available. Check out our merchandise area in the upcoming weeks for the addition of this wonderful piece of work.

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