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Don Juan and Miguel, Sword Fighting Comedy Renaissance Festival Merchandise

Don Juan & Miguel —

Don Juan & Miguel's BY POPULAR DEMAND movie

$20.00 + shipping

Filmed live at Scarborough Faire we present two of our most popular shows full-length and live for your enjoyment! THE RENAISSANCE MAN SHOW, DON JUAN AND THE QUEEN OF SPAND AND THE TASTY CHEESE ROUTINE!!

The Renaissance Man Show has its roots in the 1980's starting as the "Classic Show" and evolving, through time and forgetfulness, into the show you see today. the show features our signature Blindfolded Swordfight and the always-hysterical "Mortal Wound" routine.

Don Juan and The Queen of Spain has its beginnings in a bottle of something and was designed to help keep Miguel cool on really hot days. Wet! Wacky! Wild! It is full of balloobie good fun, song and silliness! Esmeralda, Don Juan's real daughter, even has a swordfight in this one.

   — Some Bloopers (not that every performance isn't a blooper waiting to happen).
   — Special Comment Track from Don Juan and Miguel to give you an insight into the workings of our minds.

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