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Don Juan and Miguel, Sword Fighting Comedy Renaissance Festival Merchandise

Adam Winrich —
Mastering The Whip (Episode One) DVD

Adam Winrich - Mastering the Whip, Episode One DVD

$15.00 + shipping

Excitement! Entertainment! Education!

Blind Dog Entertainment proudly presents "Mastering the Whip, Episode One" from World Champion whip cracker Adam Winrich!

Features detailed explanations, actual beginners going through the learning process, professional applicationd of each crack, and its fun!

Cracks taught:
• Cattleman's Crack  • Overhead Crack  • The Flick  • Fast Figure Eight  •Talsmanian Cut Back

A full-length version of Adan Crack's Fire Whip Show and Adam in "Don Juan and Miguel'w Weird Show" a Renaissance Festival favorite filmed live!

Adam Winrich, of Fall Creek, Wisconsin, graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire with a double major in Math and Physics. At the age of nine he was inspired by the film "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" to start working with whips and by the age of eleven he was making and selling whips of his own! From 2003 to 2006 he performed in Wisconsin for a Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show and in 2006 began working at Renaissance Festivals across the U.S. He won his first of seven Guinness world records in 2006 and continues to break records to this day!

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