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Don Juan and Miguel, Sword Fighting Comedy Renaissance Festival Merchandise

Don Juan & Miguel —

Don Juan & Miguel's THE LOST PRINCESS movie

$20.00 + shipping

The peaceful village of Warwicke is about to be shaken-up as magical powers blossom around them. Don Juan's daughter, the beautiful princess Esmeralda, is coming into her own special powers. Her good friends, Mother Redempta and Sister Philomena, help guide her with her new talents and with her duties of protecting the lovely Queen Elizabeth. Don Juan, and his faithful manservant Miguel, combat horrible hordes and Barbarous Pirates. Meanwhile Bernard the Bad Guy, with his minions Louie, Duncan and Matt, destroy the village and conquer the castle. Can Bernard be stopped? Will the village recover? Can the Queen be saved?

Filmed at the beautiful Sterling Renaissance Festival in Upstate New York "I Sense Danger" contains these new, original songs: "The Chastity Bell!", "The Barbarous Pirates of High Barbary", "Bernard's Lament", and "I Sense Danger"!

B.D.E. is proud to present this third in a series of family-friendly action adventure comedies!

Don Juan and Miguel • Esmeralda • The London Broil Show • Hey Nunnie Nunnie! • Ded Bob . and many, many more.

Filmed on Location at the Sterling Renaissance Festival.

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