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About the Don Juan and Miguel Sword Fighting Comedy Show

About The Don Juan and Miguel Show

This whip-cracking, sword fighting comic duo have been spreading laughter and hilarity throughout the Renaissance Festival circuit for over 20 years. Jose Granados portrays Don Juan, the gallant and romantic Prince of Spain, while Douglas Kondziolka plays his wacky and ever faithful manservant Miguel. They bring a rare blend of improvisation and variety skills together to create one of the most popular shows ever to grace a festival stage. With Don Juan's amazing whip work and Miguel's wild comic characters, the duo's exciting swordplay and friendly interaction with the audience are sure to please and entertain any crowd.

They have also performed at Disney World's 25th Anniversary Celebration, the Art Institute of Kansas City, various clubs in Las Vegas, private and industrial parties, and made numerous TV and radio appearances.

They offer four different and unique shows that keep their audience coming back for more.

What say the critics about them?

"Really Stole The Show" — National Public Radio, All Things Considered

"Excellent Swordplay" — Boston Globe

"Wonderful and Heartwarming" — Dallas Morning News

This comic team has also stepped into the realm of film making with Don Juan and Miguel in the Tale of El Gusano that won top honors at the 2002 Southern Film Forum in Charlotte, NC.

Don Juan and Miguel are . . .

Jose Granados
(Don Juan) Born in Leon GTO. Mexico, Jose has studied acting at Milwaukee's Performing Arts Cetner and holds a Black Belt in Judo and Karate. He helped form "The Ring of Steel," a stage combat and historical recreation group that toured colleges and festivals throughout the Midewst and he has served as fight choreographer for many different festivals. As a model, dancer, film and commercial actor, Jose brings a strong sense of grace and panache to every performance.

Douglas Kondziolka
(Miguel) Born in northern Illinois, Doug received a B.A. from Blackburn College and has studied at the American Conservatory of Music and the Lou Conte Dance Studios, both in Chicago. For several years he was a member of the A Cappela group, The Jongleurs, who produced many recordings and sang for such notables as Lady Byrd Johnson and Oprah Winfrey. He is currently Assistant Artistic Director for the Sterling Renaissance Festival in New York, and teaches improvisation and acting skills at various festivals.

Dakota Star Granados
(Esmeralda) Born in Aurora Colorado, Dakota has performed with Don Juan and Miguel since she was 8 years old at renaissance festivals nationwide. During this time she has honed her whip cracking, target cutting and sword fighting skills. She has studied at Mad House Acting Studio and Bridget McCarter Dance Studio. Dakota has also had her image used in commercial print work by Steve Parke of what?design studio in Baltimore , Maryland. She has appeared in the movie "The Tale of El Gusano" and is the lead character of "The Lost Princess" and on "America's Funniest Home Video's" and "The Carolina Traveler". Dakota is proficient in martial arts and equestrian skills, and has a vast personal interest in the film industry and movie collecting.

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