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About the Don Juan and Miguel Sword Fighting Comedy Show


Miguel was born in Zaragosa Spain, of peasant stock. It is said that his father was an English traveler and his mother a Spanish dancer. A devout Catholic, he was taught his letters by kindly Padre Estevan. Padre Estevan was much impressed by the boy's wit and kindly heart. When the Padre learned that the royal household was seeking a servant for their young son, Juan, he arranged for the boy to be brought before the Queen. The one sought for would become the young prince's manservant, to be raised alongside him and bonded for life. Singing a lullaby for the Queen, the young Miguel won her heart and a position in the royal family. He became an inseparable companion to the young Don Juan. Their mischief became legendary and together the boys brought laughter and mirth to the cold castle corridors.

When, as a young man, Don Juan was banished from Spain, Miguel refused to leave his master's side even though Don Juan preferred to be exiled alone. Together they boldly entered battle and brothel, and Miguel's bond of loyalty to Don Juan would strengthen and grow throughout the years as they shared adventure after adventure.

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