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About the Don Juan and Miguel Sword Fighting Comedy Show


Esmeralda, the the beautiful daughter of the prince of Spain, Don Juan, was raised in two worlds. One was the world of the Spanish Court, where she recieved all the instructions that a Princess would need to navigate the politcs and policies of the European courts. However, as Esmeralda was never satisfied with the role young women were given in the court of Spain she broke with tradition and learned the fine arts of self defense, swordplay and whip work.

As a young girl she stowed away on her Father's vessel, The Dreaded, and joined him and Miguel in a life of swashbuckling adventure and travel. On their journeys Esmeralda discovered that she was more comfortable with the whip than with the sword and, after years of study, has become a Whip Master in her own right. She decided then, to forgo the comforts of the court and continue to join her father, Don Juan, and his faithful manservant Miguel, as they travelled about the world — winning hearts and elliciting smiles. She comes into her own in "Lost Princess" proving she is a match for anything the forces of darkness send against her.

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