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About the Don Juan and Miguel Sword Fighting Comedy Show

Prince Of Spain

Don Juan, mysterious son of the King and Queen of Spain, was raised in the royal palace in Zaragosa with all the training and discipline given to those who were born to rule. He surpassed all others in the noble arts of Romance, Swordplay, and the use of the whip. It is said that a mysterious presence visited him and bestowed upon him the gift of love. From an early age, Don Juan's reputation began to grow.

At the age of eighteen, a marriage was arranged for him with the Princess of Portugal. This marriage would have forever united the Iberian peninsula, fulfilling the dream of his mother, Queen Isabela. Don Juan had a forceful will and was strong hearted. He denied his legacy by having his manservant, Miguel, aid him in falsifying his own death and escaping from royal clutches.

Banished and erased from Spanish history, Don Juan, accompanied by his faithful manservant, began to wander. They offered their cunning wits and strong sword arms to the courts of Europe, and those who could pay them well. The delightful duo cut a swathe of comedy, color, and broken hearts throughout their travels.

Although officially banned and forgotten by Spain, Don Juan was able to meet with his mother, Queen Isabela, due to an arrangement facilitated by his lover, the Queen of France. Meeting in absolute secrecy, Don Juan was charged by his mother to rid the seas of sailors who stole Spanish gold, and she gave him a mighty vessel called The Dreaded to enable him in this task. There, on the high seas, Don Juan took the name Don Juan Gaspar, and along with Miguel, strove to rid the seas of evil pirates. Captain Nookies, infamous pirate kidnapper of the Princess of Egypt and the unspeakably beautiful Princess of Germany, was the first to fall to Don Juan's glory.

During a trip to the New World to visit his friend Juan Ponce de Leon, Don Juan discovered the Fountain of Youth, the water of which he hoards to this day. Don Juan's dream, is to seek out adventure, romance and laughter while having a really good time.

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